SOTI MobiControl is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that gives you visibility and control over where your business-critical mobile devices are, what they’re doing, how they’re performing, and what security or compliance risks they’re facing.

SOTI MobiControl secures and manages multi-vendor devices throughout their entire lifecycle, from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business mobility, from tracking physical assets to managing apps and content, as well as keeping devices and data, safe and secure. Minimize device downtime so field workers stay productive. It’s the EMM solution designed for any device, any form factor, any operating system (OS) and any mobile requirements of your business.

What SOTI MobiControl Can Do for You

  1. Deploy devices quickly and easily
  2. Securely manage apps and content
  3. Eliminate mobile device downtime
  4. Optimize data delivery 10X or more

SOTI MobiControl Features

  • Full Life-cycle Device Management
  • Express Enrollment and Provisioning
  • Universal Operating System Support
  • Advanced IoT Management
  • Secure Content Management
  • Flexible Application Management
  • Accelerate Your Business 10X
  • Flexible Deployments
  • Complete Visibility into SOTI MobiControl Performance
  • Quickly Update Zebra Devices
  • Strengthen Your Brand
  • Support for Android 11 COPE Devices

SOTI XTreme Technology for Data Optimization

This SOTI MobiControl new feature optimizes data communication performance for organizations with limited bandwidth connections to their remote warehouses, distribution centres and retail stores. SOTI XTreme Technology reduces the time required to distribute apps and data to your remote mobile devices. Improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction with 10X faster data delivery.

SOTI XTreme Hub for Traffic Optimization

SOTI XTreme Hub communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl from distributed locations to receive data and app transfers, in place of each individual Android device. Individual devices are instructed by SOTI MobiControl to acquire new updates directly from the SOTI XTreme Hub. This greatly reduces the number of times new data and apps are required to be sent across an organization’s limited connection, and reduces the time required to complete data and app deployments across large numbers of Android devices by up to 60%.