SOTI Connect is an IoT management solution that empowers organizations to manage and monitor the diverse and numerous IoT devices throughout their operations, while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of those devices.

Through a flexible, data-driven architecture, SOTI Connect can quickly discover, configure and deploy new IoT-enabled devices. It delivers access to real-time device information and the ability to store that information for future analysis.

Printer and Sensor Management

Smart devices (industrial and mobile printers & sensors), enable organizations to gather data, monitor every aspect of their IoT deployments. It can pinpoint problems before they occur. Through a network of IoT-enabled devices that communicate with each other, organizations have been able to reduce operating costs. Thus also increase the productivity of their workers & operations.

What SOTI Connect Can Do for You

  • Single Point of Control. Manage devices from many manufacturers using an array of communication protocols, all from a single pane of glass.
  • Rapid Deployment. With a data-driven architecture, SOTI Connect can quickly discover, configure and deploy new IoT-enabled devices connected to your organization’s network.
  • Manage Various Device Types. Robust management for industrial and mobile printers and sensors. Monitor device performance, access device status and logs, and create rules when pre-defined conditions on the device are met.
  • Manage Various Device Levels. SOTI Connect provides the ability to manage devices with limited functionality, as well as devices with extensive capabilities and requirements.
  • Data Analysis. Provides a centralized solution for gathering device data and status, making it available to analytics tools.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership By reducing the maintenance and overall management costs of distributed IoT networks, organizations can reduce the total cost of ownership of their IoT deployments.

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SOTI Connect Features

Multi-Protocol Support

Manage devices regardless of communication protocol. SOTI Connect supports popular IoT protocols such as MQTT and REST.

Data-Driven Architecture

Introduce support for new IoT device within the SOTI Connect console without waiting for a software update or writing a single line of code. Quickly support new IoT devices and improve time-to-market for deploying IoT solutions.

Easy Enrollment

Automatically discover new IoT devices on the network and have them enrolled and provisioned within minutes. Reduce the costs and effort for provisioning devices and bringing them under device management.

IoT Device Security

Provision certificates to secure communications to networks, update firewall settings to prevent unauthorized access to the device, update weak/insecure passwords, and install app/OS updates to patch vulnerabilities. Harden IoT device security and minimize data breaches.

Advanced Data Collection

Collect valuable device health information such as battery level, memory usage, device temperature and much more. Optimize the purchasing and maintenance of IoT devices by understanding their usage patterns and state of health.

Automation Rules

Monitor IoT devices and automatically issue alerts and actions when pre-defined conditions are met on the device. Notify IT staff automatically and remediate problems when issues are detected, to prevent downtime of the device.

SOTI ONE Integration

Generate SOTI Assist tickets from automation rules when issues are detected. View manufacturer’s details about the device through integration from SOTI Central. Export data to SOTI Insight for further analysis and long-term storage. Build mobile apps using SOTI Snap to put device data in the hands of field employees. SSO support through SOTI Identity. Build full-featured, end-to-end LOB solutions to improve the ROI and effectiveness of IoT solutions.